Alert Summary Table - sort on Alert Name

Hi, I am using the the standard Alert Summary Table to display alarms and would like to be able to filter on the Tags Alert Name. Is this possible?
Thanks for the help.

Put the designer in play mode and click on the header for the column you would like to sort by. Or in the client you can do the same.

Actually i guess I chose my words poorly in the subject line. Should have said “Filter” on Alert Name. We are using the Alert Name to identify different systems/ responsible parties for the various alarms. Unfortunately this does not always correspond with the tag paths so filtering on the tag path is not adequate, i really need to be able to filter by the Alert Name so only those alarms are shown on the display.

Yes! You can filter by system, item path, and path. You can find these properties in the filters section of the alert summary table. You will also find some additional documentation in the user manual.