Alert Table Summary - Custom ACK_User


I run into a problem with my Alerting System from Ignition. We are using an Allen Bradley ControlLogix CPU and a PanelView Plus HMI. The alarms from the CPU are nicely collected by the Alerting system in Ignition, however i would like to have the ACK_USER column in the SQL table populated with a tag from the PLC that has the current user logged in on the equipment (PLC). Is this possible? If not, can it be added as a feature in the next releases? I think it would be very beneficial for people who acknowledge alarms on the HMI side.

I must add that alarming is acknowledged on the HMI/PLC and not on the Ignition software.

I would appreciate any information/help :prayer:

Thank you!

Hmm, so Ignition doesn’t get any ack at all? Is it using auto-ack or something?

It’s not that Ignition doesn’t get the ack at all. it s a design issue i think… i was wondering what work arounds do i have available?


The best you could do right now would be to use a tag change script on the ack tag and try to figure out which rows to update in the database. This would range in difficulty based on your requirements- if you simply had an “ack all” button, it wouldn’t be very hard, but trying to acknowledge every individual alert would be difficult.

The ack_user column in the alert table was definitely created with the idea that users would be acknowledging from Ignition, but ultimately it’s just a column that can be written to by anything.


Thank you for your response. I will take a look at this way of doing it and come back with my final solution implemented and give you my feedback!