Alert Table


I’m working with the default alert table, but my tags have names like “_Eqp_100__S_Bits1”, so the alarm table show that name. I’d like to see a description like “Pump-001” (this kind of description was configured on the tooltip of the tag) but I don’t know if I can do it. I would like to know if i can configured that or the only solution is to use a standard table querying the database.

Thanks in advance.

You can set the Alert Name property for your alarm to “Pump-001” and that will show up in the State column in the alert table. Then just hide the Path column.

Unfortunately, to include the tooltip property of the alarm you will have to use a standard table component and use external SQLTags. Once you have that, you can just join the alert history table to the sqlt_meta table to get the tooltip.

I’m already using that property, but I’ll include the machine name in the description of the alarm, so I’ll produce the same effect.

Thank you!

It looks like whatever text you put into the ‘Display Path’ property will show up in the ‘Path’ column of the alert table. I stand corrected. :blush:


In fact We’ll use that property to show the “friendly description” of the equipment. Thanks for the help.