Alert When Device Loses connection

What is the best way to setup an alert to be emailed out when a device loses connection?

Also what is the best way for an alert to emailed out when the gateway goes down? I have redundancy setup and would want to know when the master goes down and/or the backup goes down.

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We’re working on new gateway side status tags (that can be alerted and historized) for 7.3. Unfortunately, until then your options are a bit limited.

For detecting that the device is down, your best bet is to alert on the quality of a tag from each processor. Create an Expression tag, whose expression is simply a reference to the “.Quality” property of another tag. Create an alert on it, and alert when != 192 (the “good quality” value).

For redundancy, unfortunately I’m not sure there’s much you can do right now. There is a scripting function for getting the current host ip, perhaps you could use this (though an expression and runScript()) to log to the database with a transaction group… and then work up something that watches that and alerts when the last entry wasn’t from the normal master. A bit crazy, I know, but like I said, we’re working on it.


So I am trying to setup an alert on the quality code of a tag as mentioned. I setup the expression “if({[.]Status.Quality}=192,0,1)” on a run always tag with a tag name of “801QualityAlert”. I placed a dead band of 10 minutes on the digital alert. I then set a group to be alerted on {[ITEM_PATH]} LIKE “%QualityAlert%”. To test I disabled the device on the gateway and then waited 10 minutes. I received an email for the alert. I then enabled the device on the gateway. I waiting all night and have not received a cleared message. The run always expression is still set to true when it should be false. What am I missing?

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I usually just setup a dbtag that has the expression in it, then do the alerting off of that dbtag. not sure if that is the best way but it works well for me.