Does the .alertDisplayPath property still exist in the new tag/alarm structure found in vers. 7.6.3?
i had been using this property in a table to describe the tag and show its current status. I just realized the description is no longer showing up, presumably after the upgrade to 7.6.3. i do not get an error when populating the table just shows up as blank.
Thanks for the help.


Yes, as you’ve noticed, it’s gone. The issue is that where as that used to be a tag level setting, because each tag could only have 1 alert (which could potentially have various states), in 7.6 you can now have multiple alarms per tag.

There are a couple of new properties which aren’t quite the same thing, like “AlarmHighestUnackName” and “AlarmHighestAckName”, unfortunately there isn’t a direct replacement.


Thanks for the info.
Is there a list available of all the runtime tag properties?
I looked in the user manual but could not find one.

If you expand an individual tag in the SQLTags Browser you will see a list of available properties. There are many more properties but they are non-bindable. For a complete list you can look in Appendix C of the programmers guide. The programmers guide PDF can be found in the Module SDK download.