Due to the issue with stale alarms in 7.6.2 and 7.6.3 our internal support department will have to go into our customer’s Designer from time to time to enable/disable individual alarms as a temporary fix. I have traditionally done this by double clicking on an alarm and selecting the “Enabled” property in the “General” settings of the “Tag Editor” window and setting it as “Disabled” and then again “Enabled”. Now one of our support personnel recently tried expanding the tag and toggling the “AlertExecEnabled” check box. That seemed to do the trick, but I wanted to dig in a little bit deeper so I looked in the manual and on the forums. To my surprise, there is no mention of it in the 7.6.6 and 7.7.x manuals via searching (I can’t seem to find the legacy user manuals for earlier versions). As a result of this, I have two questions:

  1. What does AlertExecEnabled exactly do? When I toggled it off and brought up the “Tag Editor” window, the tag was still showing as enabled and the alarm for that tag was still showing as enabled.

  2. Why isn’t this property documented in the user manuals? It seems like most of the other tag properties are listed by Binding Name in the user manuals, but the alarm properties are missing this. Having consistency in documentation is extremely important for end users.

The AlertExecEnabled property determines whether or not the alarms for a tag should be evaluated. It’s similar to the enabled property for each alarm but it applies to all the alarms on the tag. Disabling the property will mean that no alarms on the tag will be evaluated. I don’t think that this property persists across gateway restarts though.