Alerting list

i have mail list and i need some alarms send to email no. 1 and other to email no. 2.
i make distribution list bu how can i assign alarms to required email.

When you create an Alert Notification Profile in the gateway, you can then add Distribution Groups, which asks for a name, and an expression. That expression uses the same expression language that Ignition uses, but also has special alert properties you can reference. The following link, under the “Notification Settings” header, has a list of the special alert properties you can reference: … b=severity

That expression will act as a filter for that Distribution Group, and only if the expression evaluates to true (or “valid”) will the members of that group receive an e-mail.

Thanks for your replay.
My application is monitoring system for different project.each project have different tags .
I need to make experission command relate to project name .means
If the alarms acheive in project name ( demo1) send email to
I have ome project called master which switching between project.each client have it’s own password and username by this password he can launch it’s own project.
Hopefully my idea is clear.

Just simply put the tags into two separate folders, one for project 1 and one for project 2. Your can have one notification group for project 1 folder and one for project 2 folder. Each group can have their own set of contacts to send emails to.

Hi Travis
Thanks for your answer.i will test it tomorrow.
Ignition change what we known before about SCADA :slight_smile:

Hi travis,
i created
Floder_A for tags for project 1
Folder_B for tags for project 2
Distribution List Email Notification

  • What’s the Expression which will assign the tags altering notification which in Floder_A to this group?. i need to say all of alerting achieved for the tags which locate in Folder_a send email to the contact list which in group

is this the Expression
for project 1 group_A

for project 2 group_B

The expression looks like this:{[Item_Path]} LIKE 'Folder A/*'You can create two of them with different folder names. You are looking at the item path of the tag to see what folder it is in. The tag function gets the value of the tag and we don’t need that.

[color=#0040BF]Thanks Travis. it is working now :thumb_right: fantastic
Tamer [/color]