Alerting On Redundant System

We have a redundant 7.3.2 system and our customer wants an alert email when the Master server falls over.
What is the best tag to set up, ie. there are a number of system tags under the redundancy section (ActivityLevel, IsActive, IsMaster, Role), but how do these behave if the master falls over.

Does the Role = Backup , IsMaster = 0 and IsActive = 1
If so then can I do an expression tag based on this condition to send out an alert email.

Yes, you can create an expression tag that looks at those tags. You can alert off of the expression tag. You only need to use the role and isactive tags.

Sorry to bump an old thread - but I haven’t been able to find any documentation on the status of these tags when master and backup servers are up/down, only reference to using the tags.

I’d be guessing the following; can anyone confirm/correct?

Role = “Master”
IsMaster = True
IsActive = True

Role = “Backup”
IsMaster = False
IsActive = True

For future me: my guesses above were correct.

Since IsMaster goes false when the active server is not the master gateway, I figured I could just configure an alarm on that tag being low. But for some reason, it didn’t work. I ended up creating an expression tag as suggested above, and that works, but I’m curious to know why alarming directly off the tag itself doesn’t work, if anyone would care to explain. Especially since I can alarm directly off the “IsConnected” redundant gateway tag for my backup server alarm.

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Well, this does half work, but according to my mileage (7.9.12) when you recover to the Master/Primary gateway, the alarm somehow stays Active, even though the originating tag evaluates the expression as healthy (false). Somehow the alarm does not clear after the failback or the tag/alarm evaluation does not occur on fail back…

This is sub-optimal, surely there’s a robust and approved IA mechanism for monitoring and alerting on such a critical condition/event that we can rely on?

maybe write a script that looks at the machine name then writes to a memory tag. 0 = machine A, 1 = machine B.