Alerting using Database Driving Provider

The alerting setup info does not stay when configuring a tag in a Database Driving Provider. If you copy a tag with alerting configured from an Internal Provider to a Database Driving Provider it gets an error “unknown column hightagpath” in the sqlt_sc table there is a column hitagpath???

Thank you for the report - we’re looking into it and will get this resolved soon.

Just as a followup, this has been fixed in the release that is currently up on the Downloads page (7.0.3)

I must be doing something wrong somewhere. I am getting the same results.

I just tried exactly what you were describing (copying a tag with alerting) from an internal provider to a database provider, and it worked as expected. Can you post more details about the error message you’re seeing?

When I create a new tag using the database driver the alert states that are added do not stay or changes made to the setpoints or timedelay do not stay. In the sqlt_as table the id keeps changing.

I’m sorry, which id are you talking about?

Are you still getting the error message about the “hightagpath”?

As a followup, this was explained to me over the phone, and is a problem with alert states in tags in a db-driving sqltags provider. Alert states cannot be altered after the initial tag creation. This will be fixed in 7.0.5.