I will be nice to have the following options:

  1. Have a couple of custom optional fields that we can bind to OPC items to stored process data with the alarm rec. Like we will like to stored batch id, Step Number and Phase Id on every alarm record stored.

  2. Enable or disabled alarms based on an OPC Item

  3. Delay milliseconds - Option to bind an OPC Item to delay the alarm trigger. So the alarm condition will have to be active for the amout of time before triggering or storing the alarm.

  4. Let say that I create my alarms triggers on the PLC with boolean where the PLC will evaluate an analog value and trigger the bit based on the PLC logic but I will still like to log the database the Actual Process Variable and the Alarm Limit.

Right know we do all the alarms on the PLC and we let the HMI log the information to SQL. The HMI allows me to bind custom fields to tags and I can bind the process values, alarm setpoints, batch id, step number … The reason for this is that you can create assign the table that you want to the alarm log configuration so when you configure an alarm for a tag all this fields are available and you can bind then to any tag you want.

If FSQL create some features like that it will allow me to isolate the alarming from the HMI giving us more flexibility when selecting an HMI.