Aliasing support

How comprehensive is Aliasing in regards to tags? Customer wants to alias PT101 type tags to TIA format as TIA allows for more location information. Any input will be helpful.

You're going to have to explain what you're asking about in a little more detail.

I guess the biggest question is- Is there a limit to the size (alpha-numeric sequence) of the alias that can be created in Ignition for a single tag? TIA naming allows for location of the originating tag such as campus/building/room/cabinet/device/port....

I think Ignition tag names can have a length up to 4096.

But you wouldn't typically have a tag named "foo/bar/baz", you'd have nested tags representing that structure instead.

I understand. The feedback does provide some great points to start testing from. Thank you.

Some follow up... Customer is using MQTT transmission module, Ignition Sever, and IoT Edge. How would Aliasing happen in this setup? I am also going through documentation in regards to this as well, especially for nested tags.