Aligning left edge of plot areas on multiple chart components

The chart component plot area adjusts automatically to accommodate the width of the Y-axis label and scale numbers. This means that the timescales don’t line up vertically and it looks a mess

Figure 1. Charts which are all aligned with the black line on the left edge have misaligned plot areas due to the variable width text on the Y-scales.

Does anyone have a workaround for this? I can’t find any in the chart customizer. I know that the EasyChart component doesn’t suffer this problem internally but it’s more cumbersome to set up - particularly with UDT input.

I feel your pain, had the same issue. I never found a good workaround other than switching to an Easy Chart component, which as you mentioned, isn’t always “easy”. That said, the lineup does work great on the Easy Chart…

Are you using 3 separate chart components? If so just use one chart component, and 3 sub plots.

Just use the regular chart with separate datasets. Then set each to a different subplot.

Has there been any developments on this? I have version 8.1.1 and are having exactly the same issues with reports that have Time/series graphs.Thanks

Yes. Use sub-plots. They all line up then. At the time of writing I didn’t know they were there.

Your question has prompted me to mark the question as solved (nearly five years later)! Thanks.