Alignment Guidance with Flex container in perspective

Hi all,
I’m facing an alignment issue with flex container though below commands will explain how i did it
i have created a new view with the root container as flex
then i have added another flex into it and used again two Row-flex containers and set its basis one as 70% and another as 30% that 70% container again i used 3 column flex container with basis of 33% of each
*inside three of two flex containers i added a label as 10% then map component as 90%, and remain one has 3 labels as each 10% and 3 labels as 24%(+or-1)
2.and in the another 30% container i used 4 column flex containers with basis of 25% each
in first and third of those container i used two labels with one 10% and another 90% then in second and fourth of those containers i used 4 labels where 2 of 10% basis and other 2 of 40% those two containers follows the same other two in this containers
Below Snipping explains u well!

I think you have better explanation now…
what is issue in the sense while seeing this in a big screen its looks cool but while seeing it in through laptop scroll bars are showing then my labels value text remains very big can anyone assist me on this case

Hi Sri,

Instead of attempting to force one view to accommodate for both desktop and laptop resolutions, why not try using a breakpoint view?

Below is documentation on creating a Breakpoint Container but you are also able to configure a Breakpoint view as well. The settings for both are pretty much the same:

This will allow you to specify specific text and container sizes on a separate, dedicated “WebPage” view for your laptops once the Perspective session detects the laptop’s height and width.