All Alarms Active, Conditions Not Met

Having an issue with my alarm configurations. I have 2 UDTs with alarms configured on a couple of the members. I have 16 instances of a valve UDT with a fail to open and a fail to close alarm, and 8 instances of a different valve UDT with a fail to open alarm (40 alarms total between the 24 UDT instances). All 3 of the alarm configurations are the same:

All 40 of the fail to open/close alarms are active, despite all of the fail to open/close tags being false.
Why are they active?

Take a look at the docs on Alarm Mode Settings here: Tag Alarm Properties - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

You’ll need to bind the Is Active property to an expression/tag to really utilize this mode.

I feel like this would be a fairly standard implementation of an alarm. A simple boolean tag from the PLC with a configured alarm. Am I using the wrong mode? The alarm is already configured to the tag, do I really have to bind the Is Active condition back to the tag?

Messing around with the other options, I tried “Equal” with 1 being the Setpoint and got the functionality I was looking for.

If this alarm is already applied to the tag of interest, use the Equal mode with a Setpoint of 1 for a more direct solution.

Thanks. Wasn’t sure if 1 and True would be equal, since I’ve had issues with that conversion in expressions before.