All alarms are appearing twice!

All alarms are appearing twice, those built from UDTs and the manually configured.
It shows them appearing at the same time and they are both active.
I checked the display path, the alarms are tied to one tag putting out one alarm, i restarted the gateway and the modules.
It was working fine a day ago and I didn’t change any settings.


First off, what version is this exactly? And you see them in the alarm status table? If you pick one set of duplicates, and view the details for each, are all of the details the same (especially event id and active time)?

Just to check one situation that has happened a number of times, with tags somehow getting defined multiple times, please do the following:

  1. Log into the gateway
  2. Go to console>advanced, click the link
  3. Pick one of the NON-UDT tags, and run a query like this:
    [tt]SELECT * FROM SQLTAG where name=‘your_tag_name’[/tt]

You should end up with one row for that tag name, per path (if the tag name exists in multiple folders, for example). You can also include a clause like “path like ‘%tag_folder_name%’” to further narrow it down. Basically what we’re looking for is two rows with the exact same path and name. There should only be 1 per tag, so two would mean the tag is running multiple times behind the scene.

Let me know what you find,