All Kepware tags show as strings when selected in Ignition Edge

I have kepware tags of various data types. Just wonder why when browsing in OPC browser and then selected all of these tags become strings. Can anybody confirm please if this is normal behaviour?

It’s not normal unless kepware is reporting they are strings or a datatype we don’t understand.

This happens when you drag them from OPC browser into Tag Browser?

hi Kevin
Yes i was dragging them from opc browser to the tag browser.
Kepware to edge OPC connection was healthy but Kepware does not have real connection to the devices at the moment.

i just checked again and when dragging the tag from opc to tag browser there is an error - "Error Configuration". I ignored it thinking that is caused by the lack of connection to the real device (kepware did allow to create a tag and address was valid)

Kepware tag was read only and during the screenshot i accidenlty tried to toggle something