All OPC tags went BAD but OPC status was Running

I just had an emergency call from a customer that “the screen looked funny” on a 7.8.0 Instance we have installed onsite. I remotely logged in and saw that all my tags were either stale or bad (both my Query Tags and my OPC tags). However, after logging into the gateway, there were no obvious problems. I even went to my OPC Server status and it reported no errors. I wasn’t able to get the customer running until I disabled and re-enabled the OPC server.

I attached my log files. The lock-up happened a little after 10AM EST today (Apr 18).

This is very alarming as there was no obvious indication as to what the problem was (or that there was even a problem), since the Ignition OPC-UA server was reporting everything as OK on the Ignition Gateway webpage.

Sorry to Revive your thread, but i have a potential client that has this problem occasionally, it was installed 2 years ago. I am unsure what their current version is, but i look after another clients Ignition setup v7.8.5

This potential client would like me to take a look as the current guy looking after it hasnt been able to solve it.

I was wondering if you found any solutions?
Has it happened to you Again or just the 1 time?

I think it was resolved in 7.8.3 or something along those lines. I can’t remember though. However since the upgrade we haven’t seen the problem since.

I kind of figured that, as 7.8.2 has a major change in it for tags i believe, and i haven’t had this problem with any other clients setup. Thanks for the reply.