All Perspective components not filling a View

All of my perspective components now have a ~14pt border around the sides and they no longer stretch to the edges of my views. This affects all of my views. Is this caused by a setting being switched on? I added some Sepasoft modules but I don’t see how this would affect anything. I am on v8.1.18. The red lines in the image below show a component not stretching to the edges.
Screenshot 2022-08-23 121250

Is there margin set on the style property your inner object? Padding on the view itself?

Margin is set to 0, no padding is set

Best way to find out where that margin is coming from is to open dev tools in a browser and see what classes are being applied to that component. If you have custom css themes or injected css, you may have inadvertently selected that component and added margin.

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After uninstalling the Sepasoft modules the issue is resolved. I will be submitting a bug report.

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