Allen-Bradley CompactLogix no tags under the plc folder

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We are using the Ignition 7.8.2 (b2016030813), in one plc machine we suddenly encounter that the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix machine opc tags can not find in the ignition. in the OPC Browser the folder is existing but under that folder it doesn’t have the tags.

Has the firmware of the PLC been upgraded recently? Maybe you’re using the driver for 20 and PLC has been upgraded to 21+?
Otherwise check the diagnostics page of the Ignition gateway and see if the connection is still ok under OPC-UA Server -> Devices

The firmware is 19.11 and the device we are using is for 20(Connect to CompactLogix firmware v20 and prior processors.), and yes the device status is " Connected: Protocol: EIP - Run Mode" but some of the folder can not find the data, is this on the plc side or in ignition?



Check in the PLC for the access privileges on the troublesome folders and tags.

We already checked the access: read and write

still in the ignition the folder is visible but under that folder, the tags are not visible. We already tried to recreate that folder, still can not find the tags.

We are expecting to view these tags

Do we need to update the version of ignition of the firmware of the plc?


What about the access controls on the members of the UDT? (In the UDT definition)

Where can I find that access control Sir?

Tags are giving null value since the Ignition can not find the tag of the PLC

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant the User-Defined Types in the PLC. Find the udt_PMON_v300 configuration in the controller organizer under the Data Types section.

When you open the data type definition (offline), you can then edit each member’s access rights:

Don’t forget to refresh the Ignition Driver’s tags if autobrowse is turned off.

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External Access of UDT is at read/write configuration,

The machine/tags before is working then suddenly we can not find the datatype in ignition, but in PLC it is existing. there’s no changes done in PLC and Ignition side.

What about refreshing the driver’s browse?

I’ve had similar issues (primarily with array elements not showing up). I found that this usually tends to relate to some change in the PLC data structure (renaming, resizing, etc.). For me, I’ve had to either stop and start the Ignition device driver for that PLC, or (in extreme cases) delete and re-create the device driver.

I did already the recreating device in Ignition, and stop and start then refresh the tag browser, but nothing change. Do you think this has the problem in PLC data structure?

You might need to send your processor file to support for a closer look.

we were able to fixed the issue after upgrading the plc firmware from v19 to v20 and use the new logixdriver.