Allen-Bradley CompactLogix Tag Issue

We have ignition running on a server and it has been communicating to several ControlLogix PLCs w/o any issues. I now need to add a CompactLogix to the list. After adding the CompactLogix, all the tags affiliated with the Compact are RED and Quality is “Waiting”.

I know it’s communicating with the PLC correctly because I can create a tag and browse to the OPC path in the PLC and see all my PLC tags. But once I hit OK, the tag adds to my SQL Tag list and then turns RED (Waiting).

Any suggestions?

What version are you running? Can you browse the device and drag the same tag in?

Ignition Version 7.2.7 (b170) with AB Driver 1.2.8 (b56).

Yes, I can browse to all of my tags in the PLC. If I drag it in, it does it, then turns to little red box with white “X” w/ quality = “Waiting”.

All my other PLCs worked fine, but they are ControlLogix. Is there something different when it comes to CompactLogix? Should I select ControlLogix in the device list even though it’s a Compact?

I would try upgrading to 7.2.9, and if that doesn’t fix it call into support and have them take a look. Switching to the ControlLogix driver shouldn’t make a difference, but you can try it if you want.