Allen Bradley Control Logix Browse with Script

This year I have used the following function successfully to browse bacnet:


When trying to use the same with a Control Logix PLC it always times out no matter what filtering I set.

It seems like there is simply too much data to go through and it cannot happen soon enough.

In this case we do have the PLC code, but in cases where PLC code is not available it is (I think) very valuable to be able to build an excel sheet from the browse results and then look at it in a jupyter notebook as a data exploration activity to understand how you would build a UDT for a new site or vendor.

Has anyone successfully used system.opc.browseSimple recently on an allen bradley PLC?



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Use system.opc.browseServer instead, which requires you to manually recurse into sub-directories at your discretion.

browse and browseSimple do a recursive browse entirely on the gateway side of the call that will often time out with any sizable Logix PLC program.