Allen-Bradley driver failure after upgrade to 8.1.4

We upgraded to 8.1.4 and found that a problem occurred with all our Allen-Bradley devices. We are using

  • A-B CompactLogix (Legacy)
  • A-B Logix Driver
  • A-B ControlLogix (Legacy)
  • A-B SLC

If we use the gateway’s OPC Quick Client we can see tag values.
The tag browser is reporting “Bad failure” for each tag.

  • I’ve upgraded to 8.1.5 to see if there was a patch but there was no change.
  • There is nothing related to the A-B driver in the nightly changelog.
  • There doesn’t seem to be anything related in the error log.

Has anyone any ideas?

FYI, we are using 8.1.4 with no issues, only using latest Logix drivers, no legacy.

We’ve had some trouble using the legacy drivers on a v20 CompactLogix, switched over to the A-B Logix Driver and had no issues since.
This was on version 8.1.0 and have not tried a legacy driver since, but v8.1.4 is happy with the other driver.