Allen Bradley Drivers

Is there going to be a Driver available for the Allen Bradley Micro800 series Plc?

These Plc’s are becoming very popular in the small machine builders and Oilfield automation.

I know you can connect with Modbus Tcp but a actual driver would make it so much more simpler.

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We can revisit the idea after Ignition 8 is released.

Last time I checked the device still doesn’t support browsing or accessing anything but atomic tags in the global namespace.

Thank you for the update.

Let me just add this bit of information.

I use the Maple System Hmi for almost all of my projects, I don’t know how they accomplish this, but this is how their driver works.

If I copy and paste - then I can only use the “GLOBAL” variables from the Micro800 series PLC.

HOWEVER if I “IMPORT” the variables from an exported list then I can use Both “GLOBAL” and “LOCAL” variables in the HMI.

Thanks Again