Allen Bradley Firmware

Where i can find compatibility matrix for all ignition versions starts from 7.2 to 8.12 with Allen Bradley firmware?
Some of our customers has really old ignition versions like 7.5.14, and we had an issue with v20.19 ControlLogix, so i would like to have matrix which all versions which supports based on Ignition version.

We don’t have such a matrix, but firmware 20.19 is a worst case scenario. It requires that you use the Logix v21+ driver but the tags are only accessed symbolically rather than by instance id, which performs very poorly.

Somewhere after 20.11 (I think it was 20.15), Rockwell disabled the direct memory access method that the legacy ControlLogix and CompactLogix drivers use, so they stop working. But it’s only v21 that includes the new instance id based access method, so these handful of firmware versions can be a problem.

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Thanks for quick reply!

What about v23+? Will they work?

Only with the newer Logix v21+ driver.