Allen Bradley from Android

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How Can I, create a aplication HMI in android platform using eclipse for communicate from a PLC allen Bradley 1500 in a plant of temperature


First off, I would not try to communicate with the processor directly from android. Instead, try to find an android OPC-UA SDK (like this one, from Prosys, a very reputable OPC-UA supporter). Build your client application around that, and have it talk to an OPC-UA server (like ours, which is free) running on a server somewhere.

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The server that i should use, this can be: keepserver or other similar? because i have installed the Prosys SDK but i can´t communicate with a server for transmit to PLC allen bradley 1500, how make this communication

Is difficult this communication ?

This isn’t something we have done before and Ignition does not have this functionality. Maybe another user is familiar with such a configuration and can offer a suggestion.

Not sure if this helps but searching the google play store there is an app called PLC-5 Mobile HMI. It claims it can connect to an Allen Bradley PLC-5/40e unit. There is a free and paid for version. The free version can connect to the status registers while the paid version can also connect to the input/output data files.

It claims no opc server or third party libraries so I assume using the ENET protocol.