Allen-Bradley Logix Driver

Following power off ControlLogix PLCs (firmware v24) tags remained bad quality hours after power restoration. In the gateway the device status was normal (“Connected”) and tags could be browsed from the Designer, but would remain bad quality. When the PLC device edit was opened in the gateway and “Save Changes” selected without making any changes the connection returned to normal and tag quality restored. During this time other OPCUA products - Kepware and RSLinx Enterprise were unaffected.

Logix Driver 1.7.4
Ignition 7.7.4

Hmm… I’ll take a look at this.

Experiencing same thing with 7.6.7

Tim, I think I fixed this for 7.7.5.

dmoon, this is a different driver than the one in 7.6.7. Could you export your logs and send them into support to start a ticket?

Haven’t noticed this since 7.7.4 upgrade.