Allen Bradley Logix Driver


We are using Allen Bradley Logix Driver, and Allen Bradley PLC5 Driver connect to PLCs.

In Ignition Version 8.1.3 and below, We use [Diagnostics] tags “Is Connected” as indicator of device connection. When PLC is not connected, the value is 0.

Recently we upgraded to Ignition 8.1.9, we realized that the connection tag is changed to [Diagnostic]\Connected.
For the driver of PLC5, the connection tag is still behave as same as previous, eg. 1 for connected, 0 for disconnect.
The problem is on Logix Driver, when ControlLogix PLC is disconnected, the tag is no value and the tag quality is “Uncertain-Initial Value”.

Is this a bug in upgraded Logix Driver?

Is it possible to load back the previous version of Allen Bradley Logix Driver?

Thank you

I’m only able to reproduce this by starting the gateway while the PLC is offline. If the PLC goes offline once I’ve already had a value in the “Connected” tag it behaves as expected.

Does this match what you’re seeing?

I’ve opened an issue for this. It seems the Connected and Hostname tags suffer from this bug.

Thank you for the fast reply.
From what I see, even after the device connected “Connected” = 1. Once the PLC is offline , the “Connected” also lost.
Thank you for opening an issue for this.

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Hi Kevin,

Any update on this bug?