Allen Bradley SLC 503 DF1 to wireless

Has anyone tried to setup an AB PLC SLC 503 to a wireless network with reliable results? I would need a wireless adapter that supports DF1 such as the AB Net-Eni or Moxa EIP 3270, only a wireless device.


I wouldnt recommend the net eni. take a look at the digi one iap or the lantronix xpress dr.

I’ll look into the Lantronix Xpress dr-w.


cant go wrong with either one… but the digi will do a few more functions. for instance, if you wanted to convert the df1 to modbus, you could do that. another thing, the digi has a extra serial port that you could basically use to replicate the df1 port on one of the serial ports for say a touchscreen then of course you could still do what you have to to over the ethernet connection.

I have used both the Net-Eni and Digi One IAP. The Digi One IAP is prefered if using a standard LAN connection, but I would like it to be wireless. So, the Lantronix model that you indicated looks like it might be best for my application. Thanks.

im not sure that the model you are talking about supports df1. I was talking about the xpress dr that doesnt have wireless built in and supports df1.

I recieved the Lantronix XPress DR+ and have been trying to get it set up in KepServerEX. You wouldn’t happen to have an example of the DF1 Telnet setup, would you?

I intend on using the Allen Bradley DF1 device driver using Ethernet Encapsulation in KepServerEX. I am matching up the port to 10001 with no redirector port in the Lantronix device.

The problem is, everytime I add a tag and browse for it in Quick Client me connection errors out.

My setup in the Lantronix device:

Multi-Master DF1

  1. TCP/IP Network Settings:
    IP addr, no gateway set, netmask
  2. DF1 Settings:
    Protocol … DF1 Full-Duplex
    Serial Interface … RS232 19200,8,N,1
    Check Sum … CRC (16-bit)
    Raw Tunneled Sockets … 4 (port:10001)
  3. MSG Block Remote IP Routing Table:
    (* None Defined *)

Well, I am running another trial using a Digi One IAP. I tried this a while back but got the same problem that the Net-Eni was giving me. This time I made some changes to the TCP settings “TCP keep alive” to hopefully fix the issue with the locked up port.

It’s not wireless, but if it reliable…that’s what we need.

I have been using the MGate EIP3000 Series from MOXA. I have a Diji one and SLC /504 in house, I haven’t tried it yet with Ignition.

Big reason we used the Moxa was that we needed to install 22 of them in the plant. I could buy the Digi One for about ~$450.00. I got the Mgates for less than $300.00. The MGate 3000 series converts only DF1 to E/IP. The Digi one does a bunch. I wanted use it to convert Modbus RTU to E/IP, for an AB Compact Logix project. The Digi One was my best choice for Modbus RTU to E/IP.

If anyone ever needs assistance to prove out protocol conversion, I may be willing to help. We have a lot of equipment and a fair amount of experience with many different PLCs.