Allen Bradley Tags Quality Unknown

I’m developing a project where I need to communicate with a AB Compactlogix L33ERM firmware version 28. I imported all PLC tags directly from the OPC Browser window. After doing that, all tags show the correct value and may be written by the Tag Browser, but their quality is Quality Unknown

My Ignition version is 7.9.3 (b2017060210) and I used the Allen Bradley Logix Driver (for firmware v21+) v. 3.9.3 for the device.

Thanks in advance

Are you sure the firmware is at 28?
As far as I know, L33ERM can only go up to 21 on its firmware.
That would mean you need to use the CompactLogix driver and not the Logix Driver.

Obvious questions:
Is the gateway in trial?
Are you getting any errors on the gateway console, re: creating subscripting, reading tags, etc?

Hallo, thanks to all for your answers. I solved uninstalling and then reinstalling Ignition. Unfortunately by doing so I could not understand what was actually going on.To answer Mr MMaynardUSG: yes it is L33ERM and the firmware is 28.
Many thanks again

I’m going to double down on the Logix driver not being licensed and running in trial.

What does the trial mode have to do with the Logix Driver? I thought everything was operational in trial mode?

When the trial expires, various modules have various restrictions applied - for most driver modules, this means they’ll continue to read tags, but flag them with various quality codes and prevent “normal” operation.