Allen Bradley UA driver with Logix 5000 emulator

Has anyone had any luck getting the Ignition Allen Bradley UA driver to communicate with the Logix5000 emulator? I’ve got it running in the same VM as Ignition, so I’m using Localhost as the IP addess and I’m hoping if I can set the connection path properly then it will connect. I’m assuming this is supposed to be a CIP path type format…

I got the connection to the Emulator via classic OPC and RSlinx going with no issues, but that doesn’t do automatic tag updates which is why I’m trying to get one of the more advanced UA drivers working.

Any assistance appreciated…


I’m pretty sure RSLogix Emulate does not support communication modules, so there’s no way you’ll get a driver hooked up to it.


I checked on and got similar response with a recommendation to try using SoftLogix instead. I have a Rockwell intergator toolkit, so we’ve got that license, and sure enough, that worked.