Allignment of components 2 or more

Hi i was just wondering what happened to the allignment tools. In the previous edition which ever component you selected first was the base point reference for the allignment of all the components, now i can’t seem to find how to assign the base point of the allignment where i want all to allign with a specifically placed component on the screen.

The alignment tools use the furthest component in the direction in question. So align left will align all components with the left edge of the left-most component.

I appreciate that is how to allign objects to the left, right, top or bottom. But what i wish to do is to allign something through the centre point, this was possible with your previous release but does not seem to be possible with your latest release.

If you see from the images attached what i wish to do is select the grey image to use its centre line and then select the second ‘liquid image’ as to allign it with the grey images centre line, as you can see with the buttons i have attached, this was possible to do with the previous verison button that what ever image was selected first was the base image. This is not the case with the latest version it is as you said the one that is furthest west on the screen or the one that is furthest north. The reason i ask is because i found the previous versions ability of great help in alligning a number of items to a particular centre line.

I’ll see what we can do to get that functionality back the way it was.


I was just wondering if there was any update on this topic?

No, it hasn’t been implemented yet.

This has been fixed for 7.5.0