Allow log in from a unique machine


I am trying to prevent connection to Ignition client from machines outside control room. Basically, I have an operator user account and I want those credentials to work only on the 2 machines in the control room (using the hostname or IP adress) and prevent access to the client if anyone is trying to use those credentials from another location.

Is there a way to do so?

Thanks a lot!

If these are Vision clients, you can use a client startup script to check the IP address/hostname/username combination and force an exit if not approved.

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Not sure which version that you are using? Have you tried creating Security zones?

Can they login with any credentials at all? If not, you could do as Phil suggests but simply disable the login button and force logon of the view only user. Probably add a label as well to let them know login isn’t possible outside the control room

Thank you all for your answers! I’m using version 8.0.7 . I did as Phil suggested and it worked perfectly!

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