Allow/Override creation and import tag functions

I want to enable and override the tag creation and tag import functions from the designer’s Tag Browser on a specific provider created from a module.
I think that to activate these methods you have to interact with the Security Context of the Tag Provider but I don’t see any Classes allowing to do that.
And to replace the functions, I probably have to recreate my own TagProvider or ManageTagProvider ?

Does anyone know if this is possible and if so, how I should proceed ?

Not sure if it is possible. On the gateway side, I doubt your tag provider would be given any indication of the source of any tag configuration changes. On the designer side, there’s no exposed interface to the tag browser’s UI. You might have to do some spelunking with introspection in a live designer to get clues to the APIs. Unless @Colby.Clegg wants to chime in?

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If you need low level control, you’ll need your own TagProvider implementation.

There’s some flags you can return on your tag provider that clue the designer in to whether it can be edited or not (and thus whether the Java Swing actions to configure it are allowed or not), but beyond that it’s up to the backend to intercept a configuration request and handle it/ignore it appropriately.