Allow Trial Mode to Coexist with Limited Licenses

Prior to licensing, we can reset a two hour trial mode to test the Vision client. However, after licensing with a Limited Vision Single Client license, we can’t run an additional client in trial mode–not even a staging client for development testing–while the purchased license is in use on the machine HMI. This means features that cannot be tested in the Designer (see this post) cannot be tested anywhere but on the machine panel. In other words, it eliminates staging; changes are tested on operators.

Possible solutions:
1 - Allow a single staging client to be run regardless of available client licenses.
It would be nice if trial reset was not required for this. If there are concerns this might be used on a permanent basis to avoid buying a license, requiring trial reset is okay.
2 - Allow trial mode on all products, including those with a limited license.
In other words, let trial mode work like before the limited license was applied so we don’t lose what we got for free when we buy a license.
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Update for anyone who runs into this post (a like just brought it back to my attention): limited licenses now allow one local (on Ignition server) and one remote client even on a single client limited license. This resolves the issue noted above and does not require use of trial mode, though trial mode does coexist with limited licenses for other purposes.

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That’s a rather elegant solution.