Allowing client end user to determine tag groupings

Is there a built in function in Ignition that allows a client to place a tag into a particular group, so that calculations/actions can be made based off of that meaningful grouping.

Example :

In the Oilfield there is a concept called Lost and Unacounted for Gas.
It helps to find leaks. The relationships are that there are a certain amount of wells to a booster, certain amount of boosters to a compressor, and a certain amount of compressors to a salespoint.

The basic theory is that all the wells that are upstream of a certain booster’s total volume summed should be within 3-4% of that booster’s total volume.

Because which wells go to which boosters etc. changes all the time, a wizard would need to be made to allow a client to indicate those relationships and have it populate “gateway” wide.

to sum up what I’m asking for : Is there an easy way for clients to determine relationships (such as which tags go into a transaction group?)

we do this, but we make all of the relationships in the database. like which route/field the meter is in and then we also assign if that meter is an “inlet”, “outlet” etc in that group. then when we display the information we calculate the gain loss based on those groupings.

The short answer is that there is no easy way to do it. You will have to figure out what works for your organization and then do the associated programming to make it happen.