Allowing Unsigned Modules to Run in 7.9

I recently upgraded to 7.9 and I want to run unsigned modules for development purposes. I’ve followed the instructions in this thread about adding -Dignition.allowunsignedmodules=true to my ignition.conf file, but I still get the ‘This module is not signed and will not load because you are not in developer mode.’ error when I try to install the module.

Has something changed since that thread was created? Is there a particular place in the ignition.conf file that line needs to go?

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Exactly where did you add the allowunsignedmodules entry? I added the entry to my ignition.conf as shown below, and it worked as expected:,server=y,suspend=n,address=8001

That does it. I was just dropping the ‘-Dignition.allowunsignedmodules=true’ line in the file, without the ‘’ prefix.

Thanks for the help!