Allowing unsigned modules

I’m using Ignition v7.9.1

My Gateway was running fine, but I want to test an unsigned module. I added just the allowunsignedmodules parameter to the ignition.conf file as shown below, but then I can’t start my gateway. I comment the one line, then I am able to start the Gateway again. I have used this on another Gateway without problem, but I believe that Gateway was v7.8.x

# Java Additional Parameters,server=y,suspend=n,address=8000

Any help is appreciated,

Do you get any errors in the wrapper.log file?

I just tried running an unsigned module using the same flag you’ve specified (in a recent 7.9 build) and had no issue starting up. Looking at the the unsigned module in the gateway module page, it seems to be running as I’d expect, so I think your configuration is ok.

First thing I’d recommend is updating (or at least trying) 7.9.2 or the latest 7.9.3 beta and see if you experience the same issue. At first glance it doesn’t look like we’ve specifically altered how that flag works since 7.9.1, but that’s always the first step I’d recommend, just so we can rule out any platform issues.

Beyond that, I’d take a look at your wrapper log and see if your unsigned module is throwing some sort of exception which is causing the startup to fail.

As a sidenote, I don’t believe you need options 1, 2 (and IIRC, 5) in your ignition.conf anymore. I believe we pulled those out of newer versions as they don’t apply to Java 8. They are likely ignored, but may add a notice to your logs on startup due to having them there.

The flag was fine, it was the module I was trying to test. Should have thought to check the wrapper.log.

Thank you

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