Alpha channel ignored on Tool Tip color change on first mouse-over

Interesting issue…

I have a script blurb in the client startup to change the background of tool-tips.

from javax.swing import UIManager
from java.awt import Color
UIManager.put("ToolTip.background", Color(100,100,100,100))

Seems to work great except for a minor annoyance. The alpha channel is ignored on the first mouse-over of components with a tool-tip, in this case a navigation template. Moving quickly to another component before the expiration will cause the alpha channel to be honored. Waiting until the expiration and then moving over another (or the same) component causes the alpha value to be ignored again.

Scratching head. Any words of wisdom?


Ignition 7.9.9
Java 1.8.0_181

Apparently, a known issue.
From IA Support

Transparency with Java has been known to cause rendering issues. I was able to replicate the behavior with ease and in this scenario, I am being advised by development to recommend not using transparency for your tooltips as it will be temperamental when it is rendering. Essentially, it is a race condition on if the alpha will be applied. There have been numerous issues with other components attempting to use alpha as well, it is a known issue in the environment.

Joe Rosenkrans
Support Services Engineer
Inductive Automation