Alrming system problem

Hello everyone,
As you can see from the screenshot at the top right there is an alarm.
There really is one, but the table shows 0.

Everything was working and suddenly stopped.

Is the alarm being filtered out by your alarm status component?

no, it’s not that.
I tried.
for some reason, like a bug.
all the gateway alarms were off for 4 hours in events.

I set new test alarms that didn’t shelved and aknowliged they didn’t work too.
at the same time the alarm Journal was ok and I have everything right there

Shelved bug in alarmEvent, Now alarming works.

This sounds like a known issue where the display time in alarm events can be incorrect and potentially lead to alarms not showing up in Ignition versions prior to 8.1.14. What version of Ignition are you using and are there any error messages in your logs? If you are using any version below 8.1.14, I would recommend upgrading.


What did you mean by

Shelved bug in alarmEvent, Now alarming works

Were you able to get your alarms to show up on the Alarm Status Table?

I just ran the two tables in parallel
Status and Journal
The status table showed nothing - empty.
Journal showed maybe already archival stuff, I didn’t look at it in detail, I’m sorry.
it just had content, I don’t remember what

Did you make any changes to the Alarm Status Table or your alarms in the Gateway such as changing it to “Subscribed” (if the alarms are coming from a Remote Tag Provider)? I’d make a ticket with Support and see what they have to say. They’ll be able to offer better insight than what I can currently see here.

I have not made any changes to the tables.
All I did was ‘to shelve’ the currently available alarms for 4 hours. they were alarms that were filtered only for this project (one machine).
For a moment, the table showed them there and that they were shelved.
But after a second the table showed Zero and so … 4 hours … showed absolutely nothing, not even the new ones, anywhere in the whole gateway.

//we have not a remote providers.
this means that the command for several selected alarms to be shelved has been applied to every alarm event in the gateway, but showed as zero and events has been stoped.