Alter the intervals of the thermometer

hi all,
I am trying to alter the intervals displayed in the thermometer. I just need 4 intervals between my high bound and low bound. How can I achieve this??

You're looking at the properties of the view. You should be looking at the properties of the component.

Tips: resize the screen to bring the relevant parts closer together and crop the image before posting. About 80% of your image is irrelevant. Tag your question as Perspective to attract the right people. (Done.)

So sorry about that. I have uploaded the thermometer properties along with this message. Actually I have already gone through this material you have posted above earlier but I couldn't find anything useful for me. The problem I am facing is that, I am not able to change the the divisions on the thermometer they seem alter themselves as I change the highbound and lowbound. Can u help with that?


You are correct. There doesn't seem to be a way to set the interval. It's automatically generated by the component. This will probably be fixed in a future upgrade.
You could possibly overlay a Linear Scale component to do what you want.

Here's how to post an image showing your setup:
Well cropped image

Note that I've pulled the divider over to the component and then taken a screengrab of the area of interest - not the whole screen. The image is not distorted and is very legible as it is in full scale.