Alternate Pen Source options on the Power Chart

I am trying to find a way to get a pen into the power chart that is tied to a named query. I tried the DB Table Historian route, but I need a WHERE on my data and the table is not structured in a way that makes that possible with the 1 given key value for that feature. I have a named query that gives me the value and timestamp, looking for ideas on the best way to get that to a power chart. I even thought about creating a "dummy historical tag" and creating fake historical entries in the Ignition DB in a script. But that seemed too hacky. Thanks

You cannot. The DB Table historian is the only other option for the Power Chart.

If you cannot make your data fit the DB Table Historian's requirements, you will have to switch to the TimeSeries chart, or to one of the 3rd-party chart modules.

Dang. I was afraid of that. I may have to revisit my "fake tag" idea. I think we have too many other things built into this power chart tool to scrap it for this.