Alternate schedules

Would there be a cleaner way to assign alternate schedules or to ignore schedules under certain conditions?
I would like the first round of voice notifications to go out to users that are scheduled to work during regular hours. After hours, the second path for voice notifications should go out to users that are on-call. Email notifications should be sent regardless of schedule.

For the voice notification, I’ve duplicated users as username and usernameOncall and assigned the appropriate schedules. I’ve also made rosters for scheduled and on-call, where the manager can select the user that would be on-call each week.

Is there a way to ignore schedules in the pipeline, so that duplicate users would not need to be maintained?

Right now, alarm pipelines always respect schedules, but in 7.8 you could use a script block to get rosters and user emails.

If you want a more direct way to do it, this is a great thing to suggest at