Alternative to Airlink LS300 SMS modem

Are there any good / tested alternatives to the Airlink LS300 for sending SMS alarms?
This unit is quite expensive in Norway. Any other less expensive units that does the same job?

Can you just use a software solution, like Twilio, from within Ignition? Or are you trying to get data into Ignition?

This is a safety-critical system, so SMS needs to be sent even in a case of outage of the internet connection. That is the reason for using a hardware modem.
We may also end up using both a physical modem and Twilio to maintain redundancy.

This scares the heck out of me. Ignition and virtually all general-purpose computing platforms are not rated for safety-critical duty, and SMS certainly isn’t such a technology either.

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Any simple POTS autodialer should work. Probably pick 1 up for under $100.00. I think most routers have the means of setting up SMS for dropped connection, you may need to get the IT department involved.

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