Alternative way to create report

Currently, to generate reports, we are using the ignition report module. To view the local reports, we use the webdev module.

Just to see what could be the alternative way to create and view the customized reports.
20 years ago, I was using delphi to enter data to excel template or word doc, then either to save as local files in xls/.doc or to print out pdf report. In this way, the client can send me the excel template they want, we just fill up with site historian raw or calculated data, which is pretty straightforward and the client is taking responsibility to create the format they want.

I know the perspective is a web portal, which does not allow local file access, but is it possible that I can save the excel template on the gateway or to the database, so once the data is collected, I can pull the template either from the gateway local folder or from the database, fill up with data, plot the chart, print out/save as pdf files, then import the generated reports to the database or the gateway local folder? So the operator can view or print out the files from the web page.

For the above mentioned action, is the webdev module required?

You can use the WebDev module to have a folder mounted. So you could in theory have a mounted folder on your webdev module and upload into that folder or download files form there

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I will need webdev module if the template file is on the ignition client PC.
But if the template file is on the gateway PC, I won't need the webdev module.

I will have a try over the weekend.

You could present the user a page having Perspective's upload component and the desired data export settings/criteria. Run the process right then, and use to deliver the finished product (Excel/Word file, or PDF, or both zipped together, perhaps). No need for Webdev.

You could also stash the finished blob(s) in a database and retrieve them via URL with my Blob Server module. (Or have another Perspective page that lists the available downloads and deliver with again.)

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