Always login for perspective session


Does anyone know if we can have “always login” functionality for perspective session? Currently, once browser is closed, users need to login again. Possible to “auto login” when the user re-opens browser using using the same PC/mobile?


You could take advantage of the new “Automatically redirect users to the IdP if authentication is required” setting introduced in 8.1.8 if your project requires authentication. If you’re using the Ignition IdP, you could enable “Remember Me” which was introduced in 8.1.0. The first time you log into the IdP, if users check the “Remember Me” checkbox, they will be remembered for as long as you configure in the IdP’s settings, even after closing and re-opening the web browser. If you are using an external OIDC or SAML IdP, you could look into their feature set to see if they support something similar.

How could I login direct every time user.