Analog Gauge Orientation

I have a bunch of guages configured on a page.
They change orientation from vertical to horizontal as the screen size changes.
Is there a way to control the orientation of analog gauge in perspective?
I dont see any settings exposed for that.

Could you post a screenshot detailing what you’re seeing? There is no setting to control the orientation for either of the gauges because their orientation should not change.

If you’re using a Linear Scale, THAT component changes orientation based on the size of the component. To prevent the orientation from changing, you’ll need to place the component in a situation where its dimensions do not change, such as a Coordinate Container in fixed mode (as opposed to percent).

See screenshot above.
I have a view with analog guage that I am embedding to create all the gauges above.
Left box has 3 embedded views while right box has 4.
As you can see gauges on the left are all horizontal while gauges on right are vertical, probably because the aspect ratio changed.
Vision has a property exposed to control this behavior.
Can this be exposed in perspective too?
Or is there some other way to achieve the same thing here?

The Moving Analog Indicator behaves exactly the same as the Linear Scale. Just like the Linear Scale there is no property exposed to lock the orientation because the orientation is dependent on the dimensions of the component.

To prevent your components from changing their orientation, you need to lock their size so that they don’t stretch to fill a given area. I recommend copying a given component, replacing it with a coordinate container, then pasting the component into that coordinate container (don’t forget to deep-select into the coordinate container). This way, even if the View stretches in one direction or another the component will remain the same size.