Analog Indicator Binding on Value Indicator on fill color

Is there a quick way I can bind the color property on the ‘[value indicator]’ to match the set points?
On the “Moving Analog Indicator”

I don’t know about a quick way but you can do one of two things:

  1. Bind the “Value Indicator Fill” property to an expression that returns the right color based on the process value. The only problem is some of the properties are not available in binding. With that said, something like:if({Path/To/Tag/For/Value} < 100, toColor(0,255,0,255), toColor(255,0,0,255))You can do a more complicated expression if needed.

  2. You can add a custom property to the component that is a float and use the style customizer to change the colors based on the value. You won’t have to create a complicated expression in that case.

Is there a simple way to just link the Value Indicator Fill (binding or expression?) to the correct bar color properties? Searched all over for a sort of Gradient fill but came up empty.

The “Value Indicator Fill” property is just a simple color. You can’t apply a gradient fill to that property. However, you can bind that property to a tag or expression to change it dynamically.