Analog indicator forcing container larger than necessary

I have an analog indicator that, according to its selection box, starts at 230 and goes to 290. If I make my container any smaller than about 350 it starts to give me scroll bars. If I move the component to the left my scroll bars go away. Anyone have some hints on where to look for what part of this component is taking up an invisible extra 60 pixels?

I have an analog indicator …
Do you mean a Moving Analog Indicator?

… starts at 230 and goes to 290 …
Do you mean props.position.x : 230 and props.position.width : 60?

If I make my container any smaller …
What container? The view root? What type of view? Coordinate? Flex?

Post a nicely cropped screengrab showing the layout.

Only difference is moving the analog indicator over about 4 pixels.

You bring up an interesting point… it actually says width is 239 and height is 56, even though its clearly oriented the other way.

One thing that can mask it is to set the overflow of the xy container to hidden.
If it were me, I would also be using a flex view instead of a coord view as they’re far more "flex"ible and easy to arrange (once you know how they work)

Yeah, there are some things that would probably be better, but it isn’t really my project. Someone else built most of it and now I’m cleaning some stuff up and getting it up and running. Still debating how much stuff should be adjusted vs just redone, were in crunch time.

Looks like coordinates and orientation were the issue. it was rotated 270 degrees, and then width and height were opposite of expected. Seems kinda buggy that the rotation didn’t get translated to the container’s requirements.

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It looks like props.position.rotate.angle is set to 270°. Set it to 0° and use the resize handles to adjust it back to the correct internal orientation.