Analog Issue

Has anyone seen this happen before? I have an MW406 set up in Kepware. I called that tag Auto_Status(int2) in VisionLink, set it up with analog alerting and I get a 0(Cycle Complete) and a 1(Cycle Active) recorded at the same exact time from the same tag. After a recipe completes the tag is supposed to stay at 0 until a change occurs, but in the SQL database it shows up 6 times in a row after a recipe is completed. If a change occurred other states would have been recorded right?


What version of FactorySQL is it? I know we’ve had similar problems reported, but I’ll have to look a little more into when they were fixed.


i’m using version


The second problem (well, second for image, first in your description) of having both states logged at the same time is due to a problem that was fixed in 4.2.9, where entering a new state could cause the previous state to be written again.

The other problem may be related, but doesn’t seem like it. It’s certainly strange that it would enter the same state 6 times, especially when the “current value” and “previous value” are both 0. This should only really happen when the tag is loaded by the system, as an initial state. Is there any chance config change is being hit on that tag when the event occurs? It’s a bit of a long shot, but if there are any other actions occurring due to the end of the cycle, perhaps there’s some sort of interaction.

Another question: Is there only 1 FactorySQL involved, or are there multiple watching the same sqltags database (even with properly set up driver names)? There was another problem fixed in 4.2.9 in which FactorySQL instances were reporting alerts for tags driven by other instances, thus resulting in multiple entries.

Let me know if any of this helps,