Analog setpoints/alarm inclusive?

This is kind of a general question, but also relates to at least one Ignition component.

The question, if you have an analog signal with a setpoint for Hi Hi (or Hi), if the setpoint is 90 and the value is 90 or greater, is the alarm active? I typically make it inclusive (greater/less than or equal to), so my answer is yes. However, some of my colleagues say no, not active until the value is greater than the SP, so maybe 90.1.

The Perspective MovingAnalogIndicator component supports my opinion, as the colors change when the SP and value are equal.


Curious on opinions and/or best practice.

I rely on the language used to describe the value. If the language is "Alarm" or "Warning", I presume equality with the given value is on the alarm side. If the language indicates some kind of "Limit", then I presume equality is still an OK value.